Case Studies

The client wanted to work with a locally based Salesforce expert team.

Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud Migration

Client: Revel Systems

Platforms: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Communities, Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Users: 100-500

Bluelark company provides a technical developer team for deployment of a full Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce Deployment for Global Telecommunications Company

Client: Global Telecommunication Services Provider, based in the Nordic region

Platforms: Service Cloud, Salesforce Communities, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce Users: 100-500

We have customized Salesforce omni-channel service to automatically prioritize certain tasks or to assign them to employees with particular competencies or pre-defined attributes.

Salesforce Customization and Process Automation

Client: Old Mutual Insurance, one of the largest financial services groups in Africa

Platforms: Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce users: 500-1000

Salesforce provided the backbone of the service, enabling the client to receive a quote within a minute and complete the loan application in less than 10 minutes

Salesforce Powered Loan Application Platform

Client: Financial Services Provider in South Africa

Platforms: Sales Cloud

Salesforce users: 50-100

The client was struggling with an enormous amount of incoming unstructured leads that were dispersed in various systems involved with car insurance sales.

Salesforce Lead Qualification and Lead Management

Client: Bidvest Insurance. Bidvest Insurance, a South African financial services provider

Platforms: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

Salesforce users: 50-100

It was identified that self-service and electronic channels were not effectively utilized, while phone lines were constantly overloaded.

Salesforce Omni-Channel Support

Client: Parcel Delivery Services Company

Platforms: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

Salesforce users: 50-100

We have provided Salesforce administration services.

Salesforce Field Service Management

Client: Paratus Telecom. Paratus Telecom, a leading telecom operator in Namibia

Platforms: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service

Salesforce users: 50-100

Due to issues of integration with banking platforms the organization received only approx. 60% of recurring donations.

Salesforce for Nonprofits: Red Cross Story

Client: Red Cross (Lithuania)

Platforms: Salesforce for NGOs

Salesforce users: 10-50

The client initially employed ZOHO CRM.

ZOHO CRM to Salesforce Sales Cloud migration, financial services provider

Client: WTax, headquartered in South Africa

Platforms: Sales Cloud, Salesforce Communities

Salesforce users: 100-500

With Salesforce we have supported transformation of many businesses, helping them to unlock productivity and streamline business operations.

Streamlining Electronic Money Institution Client Onboarding Process

Client: ConnectPay

Platforms: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

Salesforce users: 50-100

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