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Ekenex is one of the largest lumber exporters in the Baltic states. Ekenex geography spans more than 20 countries, including China, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Bangladesh. Founded in 2012, the company sustained paramount growth, with turnover increasing from 2.3M to 27M Eur over a single year!






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The company embraced Salesforce to accommodate business growth. The number of employees doubled over a year. While many company processes occur organically while employee headcount is in the low tens, a clear definition of actions and responsibilities is required as the business grows.

The growth in order volume also called for an improved handling and processing platform.

The company wanted to move away from separate order sheets and data sylos.

The first goal was to follow the customer journey from order initiation to the final delivery of ordered products on a single platform. The second – to facilitate effortless information sharing between company departments.

This is where Salesforce Sales Cloud comes in. For the business development team, the platform allows tracking every lead as it moves through the sales funnel. All touchpoints with the customer, calls, email, or document exchanges, are automatically recorded in the platform. Sales Cloud functionality was augmented with the ability to generate customer-specific PDF order forms, which include ordered material quantities, pricing, logistics, and product delivery information.

Monika Sveklo, Project Manager

Monika Sveklo, Project Manager 

“With final project delivery, all key processes at Ekenex – order handling, logistics, stevedoring, customs management, and invoicing – will be handled on a single platform. It’s such an elegant solution when all mission-critical processes can be effortlessly tracked and managed, providing peace of mind to company employees and enabling them to focus their effort on areas of their expertise. It is such an example case how Salesforce Sales Cloud can streamline any B2B business operations.”

After the negotiations are completed, a customer task is assigned to the logistics department. The logistic team provides the information regarding the delivery options.

Further upgrades to the platform will include information from the stevedoring team regarding cargo loading and unloading times. The platform will also allow matching invoices with a particular customer order.

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