ZOHO CRM to Salesforce Sales Cloud migration, financial services provider



Client: WTax


WTax provides clients with withholding tax recovery services. The company serves clients in over 100 countries and has 44 offices in all major business hubs. The company is headquartered in South Africa.



Salesforce Users:



The client initially employed ZOHO CRM.

The client initially employed ZOHO CRM. As WTax deals with vast amounts of financial documents,

dealing with different regulatory processes for tax recovery in different jurisdictions, a lot of

customizations are required to make any CRM fit for WTax business needs.

Developers for ZOHO were hard to come by, a lot of development and integrations had to be created

from scratch. Undertook the client migration to Salesforce Sales Cloud. The client relies on Sales Cloud

for lead and opportunity evaluation, prospect analysis, assigning the right documents to the proper client,

form automation. The platform also produces invoices and is employed for payment runs.

Additional integration with AWS was implemented for secure additional documents storage.

Salesforce Communities enabled the client to easily create a self-service center, where clients can track

the status of their claims.

The efficiency, adaptability, and scalability of Salesforce allow it to serve as the backbone of

WTax business.

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