Salesforce Stock Level Tracking

A few videos ago we created a fictional pay TV and internet service provider to demonstrate how different Salesforce tools simplify complex telco operations.


The company is called OneCast. And it aims to provide exceptional internet and pay-tv services despite the lockdown.


New customers need their internet more than ever. So we must ensure that field force employees who install internet access points at customer’s homes always have the required materials on hand.



We will check how Salesforce tracks material stock levels and how to order them when supply is running low.



This is a custom dashboard we created just for material stock level tracking. 


Here we can see that stock of a particular connector cable is running low. 


We can check that all the materials are located at Yvette’s van. So far so good – yet more of these cables need to be ordered.



We can share a purchase request via the company chat function.


In addition the order request is assigned as a task to a particular company employee with a corresponding due date.



This is but a small feature, yet it showcases how Salesforce works as an operational system for your business.


Connector cables are yet one component of company services. Yet when you holistically handle customer relations via Salesforce, you can:

  • Track the particular stock levels of items in the warehouse
  • Assign these items to particular field force workers
  • Automatically assign the required installation materials with each new customer contract.


This means that with easy to set up rules the material tracking is done automatically. 


For instance, OneCast sales rep signs up 10 new internet customers per day. He then assigns the installation for a particular field force worker. For every new subscriber at least 2 meters of connector cable is needed. 


Salesforce checks the material quantities at the field force employee’s van and makes sure the required quantity is available on hand. If not – the platform sets up a reminder to take the materials from the warehouse.


The platform also monitors overall stock levels based on the numbers of new customer subscriptions per day and notifies the manager if stock is running low – thus making everyone’s life easier.



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