Salesforce for Nonprofits

With all the things happening in the world right now, let’s take a moment to look at how Salesforce helps non-governmental organizations worldwide.


At Bluelark we devote lots of our attention to helping non-profit organizations to do more good and supercharge their cause.


Specially designed for nonprofits and NGOs, the Salesforce Nonprofit toolkit is an all-in-one solution to aid your organization’s mission.


The nonprofit toolkit includes:

  1. A volunteer management CRM
  2. Volunteer resource management and scheduling application
  3. A volunteer intranet to communicate online
  4. And a donation management platform with digital banking integrations


And – the best part – Salesforce licenses are entirely free-of-charge for non-profit organizations.


Let’s take a look at the platform through the eyes of an organization volunteer.


Say I just joined the organization and want to sign-up for available activities.


After logging onto the platform, I can review a list of upcoming activities, and learn about what’s on offer and whether it’s a good fit for me.


I can sign up for an event with just a few clicks.


The campaign coordinator can view every volunteer who signed up for the event. Part of the volunteers has already confirmed their participation. For the remaining volunteers, we will send an event RSVP letter.


Here we may create a new email or select one from the already existing templates.


Diving deeper, we can review volunteer jobs – the activities for which volunteers have subscribed. The platform also provides tools for volunteer shift management, where the campaign manager can assign the number of volunteering hours planned or completed.


The volunteer campaign dashboard provides managers with a holistic view of all activities, volunteer status, volunteering hours subscribed, and other key metrics.


This workflow helps volunteers to discover relevant activities, easily subscribe to them and improve their engagement. 


For campaign managers, it helps optimize volunteer resources, plan activities, and account for volunteering hours at every event. 


This short demo is just a part of what the Salesforce nonprofit toolkit can bring to your non-governmental organization. 


With Salesforce for nonprofits, you get:

  1. A cutting-edge cloud tool designed for non-profit organizations
  2. All-in-one tools from volunteer management, to internal communication and donation management
  3. Integrations with all major Nordic banks for receiving one-off and recurring donations
  4. Easy-to-use tools for stakeholder reporting


And an experienced partner in Bluelark, with lots of experience in Salesforce deployment for non-profit organizations, as well as extensive know-how in adapting Salesforce to your cause.


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