Salesforce Platform Support

Grow Continuous Salesforce Maintenance

With the continuous Salesforce platform support service, we ensure that Salesforce at your organization is always up to date and up to the task.


Our certified Salesforce experts take care of the day-to-day platform upkeep, including the foresight of potential future issues, as well as backlog refinement and backlog maintenance.


In addition, we also perform corrective maintenance for agreed tasks and support ticket resolution.

According to Salesforce, the value of a loyal customer is ten times bigger than his first purchase

Salesforce Support Plans

Preventative maintenance

Continuous Salesforce support plan, which covers: 


  • System log analysis (we foresee issues with the system and suggest the solution)
  • Process builder/flow logic transfer to the business model diagram (business requirement definition instead of the technical solution “BPMN diagrams”)
  • Business process diagram maintenance (business adopts every day – we will keep up-to-date business process documentation)
  • Business process bug identification (backlog refinement)
  • System backlog maintenance
  • Support ticket maintenance


Fixed monthly fee. Available with a 3-month trial and a 12-month contract.

Corrective maintenance

Covers corrective and preventive platform servicing tasks:


  • Development of identified and agreed requirements
  • Support tickets resolutions


Billed hourly.

Experts helping your business


Salesforce Consultant


Salesforce Solution Architect


Salesforce Developer


Salesforce Administrator

Whom is it for?

Salesforce continuous support service is aimed at any organisation using Salesforce products (Salesforce Sales Cloud, Support Cloud, Marketing Cloud) with up to 200 licences. 

The service is targeted at companies, who are considering to add or augment in-house Salesforce support capabilities.

The service is aimed to be a cost-effective alternative to building in-house Salesforce support, which is not economically feasible for small-to-medium size Salesforce users.

Why choose a Salesforce support partner?

Bluelark is a specialized Salesforce consultancy. We live and breathe Salesforce. Salesforce is often at the core of day-to-day business at the organization. A dedicated certified partner helps to ensure that core works like clockwork all day every day.


A few more reasons why a Salesforce maintenance partner is your best bet:


  • Better ROI. A Salesforce partner has a deeper grasp on the issues and probably has already solved something similar, bringing an additional level of experience and expertise. 
  • Extended talent pool. With a large roster of skilled specialists, we can bring the right competencies to fit a particular task.
  • Network of partners. We know the Salesforce ecosystem by heart and work with a wide range of partners if any specific knowledge needs to be added to the project on-demand.


In addition, we are business consultants first. Therefore when working with Bluelark, you will enjoy:


    • The ability to communicate with us in business language and business terms, which we will gladly translate into technology.
    • Full understanding and ownership of your business issues, coming with a deep understanding of customer background and taking the wider context of day-to-day operations into account.
    • Market and industry-specific knowledge, as we have served multiple businesses in our region, covering a wide range of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with an external Salesforce support partner?

For small-and-medium businesses, it is not economically feasible to grow an in-house Salesforce maintenance team. A sole specialist will never be able to cover all platform development aspects in-depth. The external partner option offers much better ROI. In addition, the partner comes with a diverse talent pool to cover all potential platform support issues.

How much does it cost?

A continuous preventative maintenance plan is available via a fixed fee monthly subscription. The monthly fee depends on the number of Salesforce users and Salesforce products employed at the organization. A ballpark estimate is between 1.000-3.000 Eur per month. Corrective maintenance is performed on an hourly basis.

What is the duration of a maintenance contract?

The typical contract duration is 12 months with a 3 month trial period.

Do you provide periodic maintenance reports?

Yes. We also plan our work via Jira for the client to review completed and upcoming tasks and to approve any major tasks.

How will you ensure confidentiality of my data?

We only begin platform analysis after signing a strict NDA. We also determine the levels of confidentiality in our partnership agreement. Alternatively, we may only work with a testing Salesforce environment where business data is anonymized.

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