Salesforce introduces multifactor authentication (MFA)

Salesforce introduces multifactor authentication (MFA)

Cybersecurity is a top priority for today’s businesses. One of the best ways to keep your cloud data secure is to employ multifactor authentication (or MFA). From February 1st, 2022, Salesforce will require multifactor authentication to access its products.


What is multifactor authentication?


MFA provides an extra security layer by requiring a combination of login credentials from different sources. If one security layer fails, another will help to keep your data secure. The security factors are combined from something a user already knows (like username and password) and something in their possession such as the code from an authentication app on a phone. 


You are probably already familiar with MFA. While doing your online shopping, you are being asked to type your PIN code in and confirm the action on your phone once again. That is a simple example of MFA — your PIN code is something you know while your device is something you have. MFA is also often required when logging into social media accounts or email from a new unverified device.


With cybersecurity threats on the rise, such common practices as the use of MFA could prevent up to 80–90% of cyber-attacks, according to the US national security cyber chief. 


Salesforce tools will require MFA from February 1st


From February all Salesforce tools will require MFA for all users.


Bluelark is a certified Salesforce partner in the Baltic states. In case your organization needs additional support to implement MFA, we are glad to help.


Salesforce Multi-factor Authentication

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