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We are Bluelark – a certified Salesforce partner. We help our clients make the most of the Salesforce platform.


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Quick facts


Certified Salesforce Partner


Based in the EU


Proven track record in the US


Spinoff from a leading Nordic software developer

How can we help?

Project Based Engagement


A traditional model of development – our team leads and controls the execution and delivery of the project.

Dedicated Team or Expert


We provide you with top-level developers according to your needs, which work as a part of your internal IT team and according to your processes, with you defining the timelines and work scope.

Salesforce Maintenance


Our certified Salesforce experts take care of the day-to-day platform upkeep, including the foresight of potential future issues, as well as backlog refinement and backlog maintenance.

Why Us?


Expertise and experience


Certified experts with multiple years of experience


Timezone agnostic


We work when you work – adjusting to time zone differences.


Can do Attitude


We operate with a results oriented ‘can do’ mentallity.


Cultural fit


We adjust to the corporate culture of your team. We are nice people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Salesforce services do you provide?

We provide all services relating to Salesforce platform deployment, customization, management and upkeep. The full list would probably be too long for this page. If you need a particular Salesforce challenged addressed, we are 99.99% confident that we can do it.

What Salesforce products do you have experience with?

We have extensive experience with Sales Cloud, Support Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Salesforce Field Service, platform adaptations for KYC in finance, customizations for various HR tasks, document management in Salesforce and many more.

With support from our parent company Agmis, we can rely on multi-stack software developers to add additional platform features or tailor Salesforce products to your specific needs.

Where are you located?

Bluelark is based in Lithuania, European union. Our offices are in two largest cities – Vilnius and Kaunas. All of our team is based in Lithuania, adhering to labour requirements in the European Union.

What's the story behind Bluelark?

Bluelark is a spinoff from a leading Nordic software development house Agmis.

More than 10 years ago Agmis became the first certified Salesforce partner in the Baltic states. With the growing demand for Salesforce, Bluelark spinoff was created to focus solely on Salesforce services.

Yet we can still rely on 100+ developers at Agmis for additional platform custom development tasks.

Are you cheap?

Not cheap, but price-competetive. We provide European quality and expertise at a very attractive price point.

What about the time difference?

Since the start of our business, our customers were based all over the world. We are used to working in different time zones and have teams to work with different regions.

I'm halfway conviced. What now?

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