Salesforce Service Cloud for a Global Parcel Delivery Network

Customer support in the Metaverse: DPD Latvia supercharges customer experience with Salesforce Service Cloud

Holidays are a peak season for parcel delivery companies – the peak, which usually extends well into February. During 2021 DPD Latvia handled over 70% more shipments compared to the previous year.  With shipment volumes on a steady rise, DPD Latvia introduced Salesforce Service Cloud to ensure an excellent omnichannel customer experience.


“With tens of thousands of parcel shipments on any given day, every delivery presents a customer touchpoint. For us, communication is no less important than superb logistics. Investments in customer relations are one of the key areas for DPD Latvia to be ahead of the curve and position our company as the leaders in overall service quality”, – noted Chairman of the Board of DPD Latvia Janis Grants.


Before the holiday season, DPD Latvia introduced the Salesforce Service Cloud platform. The platform helps DPD Latvia to streamline customer service operations and implement a fully omnichannel service model.


Omnichannel customer service helps to centrally handle all customer service requests, no matter in what channel the query was initiated. A phone call, an email, perhaps a Facebook message – all requests arrive in the central customer service hub and are handled adhering to company-wide case-resolution KPIs.


In addition to external communication, information exchange within the company is key to ensuring quick case resolution. With Service Cloud, service agents can scale support queries with other company departments to ensure that the majority of cases are resolved with a single customer touchpoint. 


Salesforce Service Cloud allows to effortlessly add new customer support channels based on customer preferences. In the near future, DPD Latvia is planning to introduce customer support via WhatsApp messaging app.


“Service Cloud is a future-proof platform, embracing the behavior most convenient to the end-user. Perhaps requesting support via Facebook was an oddity a few years ago, yet now it constitutes up to 7% of all service queries at our Salesforce deployment locations. Maybe customer support in the Metaverse will become commonplace in the coming years? If so, Salesforce will be able to accommodate channels with little additional effort”, – noted CEO of Salesforce consultancy Bluelark Jurgis Bakanas.


Sales and Customer Experience Manager

Jurgis Bakanas, CEO of Salesforce consultancy Bluelark


Bluelark is the first full-service Salesforce consultancy in the Baltic states. The company provides everything Salesforce – from platform development to integration, deployment, and administration. Last year Bluelark already deployed Salesforce Service Cloud at the DPD branch in Lithuania.


“Our previous experience in parcel delivery and logistics verticals, combined with excellent customer communication, allowed us to undertake DPD Latvia Service Cloud deployment in only two months”, – added Jurgis Bakanas.


About DPD Latvia


DPD Latvia is a leader in parcel delivery with more than 23 years of experience. They have been operating in Latvia since 1998. DPD Latvia delivers parcels within the territory of Latvia and handles international shipments. DPD Latvia is part of DPDgroup, which is represented in 43 countries worldwide and is owned by GeoPost, a company registered in France. DPDgroup’s 2020 turnover is almost € 11 billion. GeoPost is a holding company owned by Le Groupe La Poste.