Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: how to handle a large volume of customer relations

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of success for every company.

Yet let’s face the fact that it might be tricky to fulfill all your customers’ wishes when client numbers reach thousands or even millions. For example, large e-commerce companies can have over 150 million customer relations. Todays’ clients are demanding like never before, as a result, each needs a personal approach. Needless to say, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay relevant and personal when your customer base grows.

Enter the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which helps to handle a vast customer base and still remain personally affectionate.


What is Marketing Cloud and who is it for?

Marketing Cloud is a platform enabling marketers to focus on the most important – their customers. In other words, it lets you choose the right message at the right time and on the right channel throughout the entire customer journey.

The platform is an all-around marketing toolkit: it includes email, mobile, social media, web personalization, advertising, content creation, and management as well as data analysis. Name any possible customer interaction – Marketing Cloud has it covered. This cloud-based platform is suitable for each company, big or small, ranging from the B2B sector to nonprofit organizations. 

Let us give you an example of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in action. Imagine yourself as one of the largest retailers in the world with nearly 300 visits both in-store and online each year. To keep up with such numbers and focus on building long-lasting relationships you need to provide diversity to your customers. It actually means approaching them on whatever channel they prefer: phone, email, etc.

 You also run multiple campaigns simultaneously that require constant attention. With Marketing Cloud you can adapt your campaigns on the go and boost your performance.

Does that mean that Marketing Cloud is more suitable for large companies with millions of customer relations? Not at all. In fact, if you have just started your brand, brand awareness is one of the key points. With the right tools, you can personalize every moment of your customer journey thus letting them get to know your brand fully. This goes both ways as you will get an opportunity to know your customers from a get-go as well. 


How does it work?

There are several options on how to sync data into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It can be done by importing the existing data by using flat files or spreadsheets from a known database. The fastest and most efficient way is to sync live data automatically. Data flows directly to Marketing Cloud so everyone using the platform is able to see it. This means speed and transparency all along.  


What are the benefits? 

Marketing Cloud is a perfect fit even if you are not using other Salesforce already.  First and foremost, Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps to know your customers better. If you try to pinpoint important things without detailed demographics or buyer behavior, let Marketing Cloud do you a favor. 

Since todays’ expectations for companies are sky-high, customers are more likely to complain if their needs are not met immediately. Every customer is unique therefore, you must get to know them individually. It means creating personalized customer journeys. This lets you reach the customer with the right piece of information just at the right time. Moreover, the ads shown will be perfectly suitable according to the information collected in your database from previous customer touchpoints. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In such a fast-paced field as marketing, there is no better time than now. Marketing Cloud empowers you to view all the data in real-time. This allows you to react as quickly as possible and boost your performance to the next level on the go.

What else? As a cloud-based platform, Marketing Cloud does not require installing it on any device. You can forget about the need for servers either. All the data is easily accessible via the secure cloud.

A large volume of data might be confusing. With Marketing Cloud, you can create the most meaningful relationships with your customers even if you have a vast customer base.