Document Management in Salesforce

Simplify Document Management

Documents originate in different company departments and follow different processes for approval, handling, signing, or sharing.


Salesforce has prebuilt tools to view and store documents inside the platform, yet organizing them to follow business rules or sharing them with third parties is no easy task.


At Bluelark we have built a specialized Document Management System utilizing native Salesforce tools.


The product helps to process documents according to custom-built processes in the organization. The product helps to simplify and automate such processes as:

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  • Employee vacation requests. After the annual leave request is filed in the Salesforce platform, the document is automatically submitted for approval from HR and corresponding managers.
  • Contract renewals. When dealing with fixed-term contracts, automated rules generate a contract extension agreement for sales approval and invites the customer to sign it.
  • Procurement documentation. All relevant documentation in the tendering process (price proposals, NDAs, etc.) can be automatically submitted and processed.


These are only a few examples where simplified document management can benefit your organization. However, the product is adaptable to process any part of the documentation workflow – removing the guesswork and all ‘oh I forgets’.

Salesforce document management features

The product is based on the Salesforce platform. It is easy to use with any of the Salesforce Cloud products and embedded into any CRM business process. The product allows to:


  • Create an internal document review process
  • Manage documents with external clients
  • Collaborate on a document with internal or external parties
  • Digitally sign documents with an integrated document signing solution
  • Assign documents (and files) to specific customers, CRM contacts, business processes, or any other item in Salesforce

Whom is it for?

Medium-to-large enterprises

The product is aimed at medium-to-large enterprises with large employee headcount, multiple departments and remote offices. For such companies, the product serves as a centralised document handling hub.

Companies with complex documentation handling procedures

It also benefits companies with complex documentation handling procedures (e.g. healthcare, financial services), where input from multiple departments, multiple approval steps and certain legal requirements need to be complied with.

Tailored by Bluelark

Bluelark is the first dedicated certified Salesforce consultancy in the Baltic states. We do not only advise, deploy or integrate Salesforce products. We also develop custom Salesforce tools which are not available off-the-shelf and develop customer-specific features to keep up with the pace of your business.

Bluelark is the first certified Salesforce partner in the Baltic states

We have developed the document management system to answer the needs of our larger customers. 


It might sound trivial, yet handling vacation requests at an organisation with hundreds of employees and remote retail locations is quite a challenge. It also directly affects employee scheduling. This is one of the first areas where we put our document management platform to work.


The same applies to handling procurement procedures or ensuring change traceability in onboarding new customers in financial services.


Yet this only showcases the versatility of our tool and how it can easily adapt to simplify your documentation workflow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an additional document management system in Salesforce?

Our document management system is aimed at clients, who want to introduce document management workflows for their business processes.

What features does Bluelark document management system have?

The system allows to create an internal document review process, share and manage documents with external parties, collaborate on a document, digitally sign documents, and assign documents to any entry in the Salesforce system.

Can I digitally sign documents in Salesforce?

Yes, the documents can be digitally signed using the digital signing product of your choice.

What Salesforce products is it compatible with?

It is a Salesforce native solution, fully compatible with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Service Cloud.

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