Salesforce Support Case Resolution

Today we take a quick look at Salesforce support cloud capabilities.


In this video, we will see how a client request is handled and what are the steps for the support agent along the way.



Service Cloud by Salesforce is one of the world’s most popular and highly-rated customer service software solutions. Whether by phone, web, chat, or email, this customer support software enables agents and customers to quickly connect and solve customer problems.



Service Cloud customer service software includes 

  • case management 
  • customer access across all channels, 
  • integration with legacy data systems
  • pre-built integration apps, support ticketing
  • knowledge base
  • routing and escalation
  • and queue management.



Now let’s see the platform in action. 


This is a simple customer contact form.


We can select a topic from the drop-down menu. 


According to the customer selection, this case is assigned to the particular support agent. 


Now as we select ‘Contract extension’, the case will be automatically assigned to the agent, who handles contract extensions.


As we click submit, the case is assigned a case number and automatically appears in the support agent case menu.



Here you see the support agent case handling dashboard. The case is automatically assigned to the contract management case portfolio.


A priority is assigned for each case. By our presets, contract-related requests are always marked as high in priority.


At the first step, we see the case overview. We must first mark the case as ‘Working’, then the assignment to this support agent will be finalized and we will be able to proceed with case handling next steps.



As we click on the customer name, we can see all his services and subscriptions. 


We see that the current contract has already expired.


By clicking new, we can create a new contract and set contract duration, let’s say for 3 months.


We can also set an automatic notification for the customer when the contract is set to expire – for instance, an SMS or an email message.


As this is a business account, we also select the company name from the drop-down menu and click Save.


Our new contract appears in the Contracts field and we can resolve the case.



So, to summarize, some quick remarks about Salesforce Service Cloud.


  • Service Cloud allows us to simplify case management. The case handling process follows a wizard-style process with options to resolve, route, or escalate a case. This simple framework lets reduce the time needed to onboard new support employees.
  • Case assignment begins at the contact point. Rules can be created to assign specific cases to particular support agents depending on geographic region, request topic, and many more.
  • Phone, email, Facebook, or a mobile app – no matter how the customer contacts you, the case is handled via the same resolution framework.
  • All these features help to reduce case resolution time and improve customer service.

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