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Hi there. I am Andrius at Bluelark – the certified Salesforce consultancy. And welcome to Salesforce Super Users!

Today we will explore some custom Salesforce features, which we have developed for our customers.


What to do when you are in the office, but a vacation is already on your mind?


Employee vacation planning or even handling employee holiday requests is a tough task, especially when you are a large organization.


Well, Salesforce makes it easy!


Employees can submit vacation applications directly in the Salesforce application.

You can select a vacation type. Let’s select the ‘annual leave’ option and select vacation dates.

Click submit. And your happiness is just an airplane ticket away.


The request has reached the HR manager.

He can create a document template for vacation approval, assign it to a particular request and digitally sign it.

Let’s say that this colleague did a great job and really deserves some time off.

Let’s approve his request. The document will also be sent to all responsible employees, who have to approve the vacation.

And by the way, all vacation requests and associated order documents are saved to Salesforce and are reachable in a few clicks.


The HR manager also has a holistic view of when everyone is going on vacation.

No extra sheets to mark, no calendars to highlight – all the information is visualized in Salesforce, so he can plan his work accordingly.


And in the meantime, our colleague is already enjoying his well-deserved rest.

With a front-row view of the sunset.


Like I said…

Salesforce makes it easy!


Want to effortlessly plan holidays with Salesforce at your organization?

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