Salesforce Online Order Processing

Today we take a quick look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables businesses to quickly launch an online storefront.


No matter if you are selling to customers, or to other businesses, the Commerce Cloud comes with all relevant tools for a successful e-commerce business.


The platform comes with pre-built tools for order management.


The platform is automatically integrated with your Salesforce CRM and all the customer data.


Plus, you get Einstein AI tools already built in. This means that you may personalize customer shopping experience, provide personalized recommendations and take full customer touchpoint history into account.



In this video we will take a look at how order handling would look from a service agent perspective.



Remember our fictional pay TV and internet service provider we created a few videos ago?


Yes, despite the lockdown, OneCast is doing just fine.


Yet OneCast wanted to boost their revenue through auxiliary equipment sales. 


As physical branches of our fictional service provider are still closed, the company wanted a simple tool to launch an online storefront, where they could offer laptops, tablets and other consumer gadgets.



Here we see a product page of this new storefront.


The commerce platform comes with a prebuilt easily customizable page template.


It imports all relevant product data from the database, including SKU code, availability, product location, as well as product descriptions and all related data.


When logging in with a partner account, additional information – such as wholesale buying tiers – can be displayed.


Now let’s add this item to basket and checkout.



In Salesforce CRM we can see that an order item was created. 


It can be assigned to a particular employee for handling.


Let’s assign it manually to our colleague Lukasz and notify him about this change.


Lukasz is now a proud owner of this order item and is responsible for the next steps.



This is the main window for order handling.


If there are additional issues – for instance, the product is not available – Lukasz can contact the customer or log in a call – this information will be linked with this order as well as with the customer account.


In this window we can also attach corresponding invoices, handle payment methods, have the payment information automatically ingested from the accounting software and so on.



As we know that we have plenty of laptops in stock, let’s get it ready for shipping.


We can select a delivery service provider.


Assign shipping and delivery dates. This information can be automatically emailed to the customer as we process the order.


And voila – we hope that in a few days the OneCast customer will enjoy his new laptop.




So, to summarize:


  • Salesforce allows to quickly launch an online storefront. The Commerce Cloud comes with many templates for online stores, it works for B2C and B2B sales, product data can be imported from a variety of sources.
  • It comes with all tools for order processing.
  • It also seamlessly integrates with existing Salesforce tools your company might already employ.
  • It is a great way to quickly add ecommerce functionality especially if your organization is already operating in the Salesforce ecosystem.



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