Baltic Salesforce Trailhead Race

Welcome Trailblazers!

Bluelark encourages Trailblazers all over Baltic countries to skill up and blaze the Trails by mastering Salesforce. In order to achieve that, we are organizing Public Trailhead Race.

Looking for additional motivation to skill up with Salesforce?

Have some trails or super badges you want to tackle?

Participate in the Public Baltic Trailhead Race!

Who can attend Salesforce Trailhead Race

Trailblazers based in Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia who are able to participate in an on-site event in Kaunas, Lithuania (in May) to retrieve prizes.

How to attend Salesforce Trailhead Race

You need to have a public Trailblazer profile at and fill out the registration form below.

When does the Salesforce Trailhead Race take place

 Start on April 4th at 00:00 EEST, and finish on April 28th at 8:00 A.M. EEST

Register here

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